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Horseback offers guests an intimate and exciting view of Africa’s game and Borana has horses to suit all abilities. 

When the Dyer family first came to Borana, horses were the only means of transport. The family’s love of horses remains and horseback continues to be one of the best ways of seeing wildlife. We thoroughly recommend it to all our guests, whatever their ability.

Today, three different stables house the horses used by our guests.

Close to the Ngare Ndare River is Rose Dyer’s stable of Patent Safety horses, which have been trained to be careful with children and novice riders. From here guests can ride through the plains among giraffe, hartebeest, impala and zebra and have the experience of getting up close and personal with these animals.

Further up Mount Kenya at Kisima we keep a stable of polo ponies suitable for experienced riders. From here guests are able to ride through the beautiful farm or up through an ancient forest and out onto the heather covered moorland of the mountain.

At Borana Ranch we keep a stable of 26 horses also suitable for more experienced riders. From here guests can explore Borana with a guide, riding among both its lifestock and the big game animals that abound on the plain.

Rides generally start early. Guests may leave Borana after an early morning cup of tea for either a quick hack before breakfast at the ranch or a longer ride, stopping in a secluded valley for a picnic breakfast under an olive tree with fresh fruit and bacon and eggs sizzling on an open fire.

Our horses are thoroughbred or thoroughbred-cross, standing between 14.2hh and 16.3hh. All the horses are well-schooled and ridden in snaffle bridles.

We use English-style Wintec saddles and we also have a few Australian stock saddles. These are chosen specifically to ensure the comfort of both the horse and rider.

We provide sheepskin seat-savers and saddlebags.

All riders coming to the Borana stables need to be comfortable at a walk, trot and canter in an English saddle. This is because the occasion can arise when one has to flee an angry elephant or buffalo and our horses are fit and strong. Non-riders are welcome at the Ngare Ndare stable.

'My goal has always been to have all of my grandchildren ride, so when I saw them and most of their parents out in front of me enjoying both the animals and speed, it was pretty easy to celebrate my good fortune.'

Del Hayunga