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Kabati Regenerative Farm

Nestled on the eastern bank of the Ngare Ndare River sits Kabati Regenerative Farm, 440 acres of Riverine Forest, Acacia Savannah and a 100 acres of arable land. 

We believe in:

  • Holistic Thinking – In everything we do, we try to plan ahead for future generations taking into account the livestock, landscape, water, wildlife, surrounding communities and the eco-system as a whole. So that we leave this corner of the world better than we found it.
  • Regenerative Agriculture – We are beginning to educate the surrounding communities on this environmentally friendly and ecologically based farming method. We don’t want our land to be exploited and degraded; we want it to regenerate in health and biodiversity.
  • Water Conservation – we have changed the layout of the farm to follow the natural contours of the land. This has enabled us to put in 5km of Swales (Perfectly level ditches on contour) through the farm with a further 10km planned for this year. This allows us to slow and spread any and all rain that falls, on the farm, and sink into the ground recharging our water table. 
  • Creating and sustaining a fully ‘beyond organic’ fruit and veg garden – This enables us to produce the bulk of the fresh produce for Borana Lodge and Conservancy, whilst maintaining the idea of ‘farm to fork’.
  • Free Range – We look at our chickens as more than just egg laying machines. We know they love pecking and scratching so we provide them with the environment to peck and scratch to their hearts content. At the same time they help us in a multitude of ways in our garden meaning they can work as hard for us as we do them.
  • Grass Fed – We don’t believe in feeding grains to our cattle. They evolved eating grass so we make sure they get fresh green grass every day and fresh cut alfalfa every evening. This enables us to produce highly nutritious and extremely tasty beef.
  • Pastured Dairy – We provide fresh milk and cream for our lodge on a daily basis, straight from our pedigree Jersey cows.
  • Farm Tours - We love showing people what we do, and how and why we do it. Come down for a tour and a fresh picked feast by the river.

Llewellyn’s farm is a complete fascination. It’s amazing to see where your food comes from, who picks it and the intricate structures and formations in place to make it happen. It is a stunning oasis of smells, colour, sunshine and shade with hundreds of different plants - an awful lot going. We were all highly impressed with what Llewellyn is doing down there - highly recommend a visit. 

Flo Midwood