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Borana Conservancy firmly believes in collaboration, and has forged long-lasting and beneficial relationships with various other conservation agencies and initiatives within Laikipia and across the Kenyan landscape. Here are pages on a few of our key conservation partnerships.

Kenya Wildlife Service

The Kenya Wildlife Service is the government agency tasked to protect and manage the fauna, flora and eco-systems of Kenya.

The Kenya Wildlife Service Conservation and Management Strategy (2012) for Black Rhino underlined a long-term target of conserving a viable metapopulation of 2000 Eastern Black Rhino (Bicornis michaeli) in situ in Kenya, with a short-term goal of achieving 700 Black Rhino by 2011. This was dependent on a minimum 6% growth increment of the population. In order to maintain the potential growth of the black rhino population and to resolve problems created by current territorial overlaps within Lewa, more secure habitat is required and Borana has been identified as suitable. Borana is part of the KWS strategy officially launched in December 2012. Read More

Laikipia Wildlife Forum

Borana was one of the founding members instrumental in setting up the now renowned Laikipia Wildlife Forum in 1996.

The forum has recently developed the first county level conservation strategy in Kenya. The challenges and opportunities for conservation in Laikipia County identified in this strategy are also the challenges and opportunities for conservation across Kenya. Laikipia will again provide conservationists in Kenya with an opportunity to learn. The aim of the LWF is to conserve Laikipia’s wildlife and ecosystem integrity and improve the lives of its people by bringing its societies together to conserve and sustainably use the natural resources on which they depend. Read More

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The LWC works as a catalyst for the conservation of wildlife and its habitat. This is achieved through the protection and management of species, the initiation and support of community conservation and development programmes, and the education of neighbouring areas in the value of wildlife.

Lewa Downs borders Borana to the east. It was one of the first rhino conservancies in Kenya, and so successful has this intiative been that there is now urgent need for additional secure habitat. LWC is host to the annual Lewa Marathon, an endurance race on dirt roads with the possibility of encountering rhinos, elephants and lion on the route! Borana and Lewa are to become one large contiguous ecosystem. Read More

Mount Kenya Trust

Mount Kenya is ‘one of the most impressive landscapes of Eastern Africa, with its rugged glacier-clad summits, Afro-alpine moorlands and diverse forests that illustrate outstanding ecological processes’.

The forest zone is the largest remaining in Kenya and its ecosystem as a whole plays a critical role in water catchment for two main rivers in the country, the Tana and Ewaso Ngiro. Millions of Kenyans depend directly on these rivers for their livelihoods. The Mt Kenya Trust was founded to protect these forests. Various projects have been put in place to achieve this goal. Seedlings have been planted, fences erected and ponies patrol the forests protecting wildlife and deterring loggers. Mt Kenya Trust organises the annual 10 - 4 mountainbike race attracting bikers from all over the world, which finishes on Borana. Read More

Ngare Ndare Forest Trust

Borana Conservancy is a Trustee of the Ngare Ndare Forest Trust and has been significantly involved since its inception.

The trust is run entirely by the Ngare Ndare community in partnership with the Kenya Forest Service, their aim being to protect the forest and its vital water-catchment for future generations. The Ngare Ndare Forest Trust emphasises the community ownership of the forest, thus fostering a sense of responsibility for this vital resource and ecosystem. Borana supports this community as well as the trust’s conservation efforts by sending guests on forest visits. The forest is a truly unique feature of the ecosystem and the birdlife, butterflies; canopy walkway and blue pools add great value to the Borana experience. Read More

Borana provided my most memorable Africa Experience ever. Every detail of your outstanding service is recorded in my heart. It’s as if you anticipated my every desire. I treasured my riding with Jaros, who knows the wildlife. Thank you for everything.

Joyce Longfellow -Tempe, AZ U.S.A.