This page will provide you with all the extra information you will need to have a  pleasant stay at Borana.




The most common cause of stomach upsets and diarrhoea is dehydration; increasing your fluid intake should prevent this illness. All countries have their own 'bugs' to which residents develop immunity. The African gastroenteritis 'bugs' are the next most common cause of 'traveller's tummy.' Generally, antibiotics will cure this illness within 24 hours. This mild form of stomach upset is most commonly caught from hand to mouth contact with people. If you have shaken hands (harmless) with children or people in the bush, please wash your hands afterwards before you accidentally brush your mouth and transfer the germs.

Borana uses clean water for their food preparation. We take great pride in our exceptional menu, fresh fruits, salads and vegetables, tempting light lunch dishes and exotically delicious dinners.

Nairobi, Kenya has excellent, European standard hospitals. Should evacuation be necessary, excellent medical care is a short flight away.




8 x 1-bedroom suites
Two sets of cottages share a veranda, both of which has a phenomenal view over the dam. Each cottage also has an open-fireplace.

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All meals are served around the lodge, breakfast is outside in the garden, lunch is at the swimming pool pavilion and dinner is around the large rosewood table in the dining room. However if you would like to eat in the privacy of your own room this is easy to organise.

There is a bar located by the pool and another in the sitting room, our barmen are available at any time of day to attend to your needs.

There is a swimming pool conveniently located next to the lodge.

There is complimentary internet (WiFi) access, however due to the remote location of the lodge, the wireless connection can be slow and intermittent

Electricity/power available: 220 / 240 volts AC. Plugs are the UK-type, round 2-pin or flat 3 pin. Borana has adaptors. 

Children of all ages are welcome. There are babysitting services available and tailor-made activities to suit each family.

The Borana Shop is well stocked with beautiful things, from beaded belts and dog collars to exquisitely designed jewellery - from African arts to Borana T shirts and everything in between.





When travelling on safari, baggage should be kept to a minimum. Charter flights and vehicle transfers do not allow a large amount of baggage. Soft duffle bags should be used rather than suitcases, as frequently the aeroplane baggage lockers cannot fit a large suitcase.

Laundry service (excluding underwear) is available so large amounts of clothing are not required. Towels are supplied. Borana provides electricity through a generator. Hair dryers are supplied, but please bring your own electric shaver. All batteries can be recharged.


Long-sleeved, lightweight shirts or blouses and trousers, with a sweater and light jacket are appropriate for the evenings. Shorts and t-shirts are suitable for the hotter days. A lightweight rain jacket is useful and a wide-brimmed hat is vital. Dress is casual, but we all love dressing up on special occasions.

A good pair of walking shoes or boots is advisable when out on walks or horse rides. However, within Borana, light footwear may be worn. Neutral colours, such as grey, khaki, browns or greens, are best; bright colours and patterns, including white, can spook animals and birds. Borana has a swimming pool so bring your swimsuit!


Bring all camera equipment, including spare batteries and film (100-400ASA)- also for sale in the Borana shop, binoculars, high factor (over 20) sunscreen, lip-screen a small torch (flashlight), insect repellent and moisturizer wipes (Wet Wipes).

Suggested medicines include:

Packets of re-hydrant powder, anti-diarrhoea tablets, generic antibiotics, aspirin, anti-histamine tablets, plasters (band-aids).

If you are taking any prescribed medicines, please ensure you have an adequate supply for the duration of your trip. If wearing contact lenses, please remember that it will be dusty and you will need extra cleaning fluid.




Children under five years of age are free of charge.

This includes full board accommodation, most beverages; guided game drives, guided walks, horse riding, mountain biking, the swimming pool, local airstrip transfers and laundry.

We are also very appreciative when our guests contribute to local community and conservation efforts.

Our rates exclude:

This list shows an example of experiences that can be arranged and the accompanying rates.

  • Cultural Visits

  • Visits to Kisima floriculture project

  • Visits to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

  • Fly Camping

  • Overnight Horse Riding Safaris

  • Fishing Excursions

  • Helicopter excursions

  • Your journey to reach us - By Air

We can arrange scheduled flights or private charters for your trip. Scheduled flights land at the Lewa airstrip located 50 minutes from Borana. The journey to the lodge can of course take longer depending on how much wildlife is seen on the way. On scheduled flights, the weight of luggage is restricted to 15 kg (33 lb.) for checked baggage and 5 kg (11 lb.) for hand luggage. Private charters land at the Borana airstrip, which is a 10-minute drive from the lodge.

Latitude: N 00º13’917
Longitude: E 037º16’808
Elevation: 1,900 m or 6,300 ft
Width: 100 m
Length: 1 km
Surface: All weather murram




Your journey to reach us - By Road

From Nairobi approximately 4 hours drive

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. A 3% surcharge will be added to any credit card payments. If using cash US dollars the notes must be younger than 2000.

Check-in/Check-out times and lodge closures

Check out time is 10.00 am, however if guests have organised a private charter in the afternoon then they are welcome for lunch and to use the amenities in one of the guides rooms.

The lodge is open year-round.