Conservation Activites

Borana Conservancy spans 32,000 acres of pristine wilderness. The landscape is typical to the foothills of Mount Kenya and perfectly situated for wildlife, with suitable habitat for The Big Five, including rhino.

In 2013, a founding population of 21 Black Rhino were introduced. Once they were settled, Borana and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy were integrated to form one landscape; allowing the wildlife free reign over 92,000 acres of unspoilt African wilds. Together with Lewa, this ecosystem hosts a thriving community of over 250 rhino (both black and white), making this one of East Africa’s largest continuous rhino habitat and home to 14% of Kenya’s rhino population.

There are a range of conservation activities which guests of Borana Lodge are encouraged to take part in which give travellers a unique insight to the “behind the scenes” of conservation and how we take care of over nine highly endangered species who call Borana Conservancy home.

Borana Conservancy is proud to report zero poaching incidents in over nine years. This is in huge part due to the efforts of the team of male and female rangers who work tirelessly to keep Borana Conservancy and its wildlife safe. Guests are invited to accompany parts of this anti-poaching team on their daily activities, giving a true insight into life as a ranger.

Rhino Tracking

This is not your average bush walk, help with conservation on Borana by joining the team of scouts who track and account for all rhinos each morning, often encountering elephant, giraffe and other wildlife. The team must set out on foot from various locations across Borana to see and monitor each rhino on the Conservancy. By joining them on this venture, Borana Lodge guests are given the opportunity to learn more about the “behind the scenes” work that goes into the conservancy, how we track and identify rhino, and take the time to meet the team that keep the rhino safe.

RANGER Deployments

Each evening, armed members of the anti-poachoing unit are deployed to various vantage points across Borana Conservancy in order to survey and monitor the wildlife, the land and the perimeter. Guests can help by accompanying parts of the team out on these deployments and dropping them off where they will then spend the night. These rangers are out all night, every night, regardless of the weather or day of the year. This gives you the opportunity to learn about ranger training and the day to day lives of our anti-poaching team as well as spending time with the men and women on the front line of conservation.

Mazingira Yetu

In 2009, the Borana Education Support Programme (BESP) was founded to improve the lives of our neighbouring communities with access to higher education. The BESP provides support and bursaries for children at local schools, as well as salaries for teachers, upgrades to school infrastructure with the mission to create an appreciation for the surrounding wild landscapes and wildlife.

In 2022, the concept of ‘Mazingira Yetu’, or ‘our environment’ in Kiswahili, was born. Its goal is “to broaden, deepen and inspire understanding of conservation and its importance for the health of all those – human, faunal and floral – inhabiting the landscape”. The Centre is accompanied by The Mazingira Express, a modified school bus which gives local school children and community groups game drives across Borana Conservancy.

When visiting the Mazingira Centre you are given the opportunity to see conservation work in action, such as water storage, solar power, and tree nurseries. The focus of the centre and it’s curriculum is to teach visitors about the wider conservation issues on the Lewa-Borana Landscape, particularly land degradation and ecology, and pass the key messages on to their social circles, empowering the communities to take positive steps to protect the integrity of the ecosystem for years to come.

The centre not only acts as a learning envirnment but also a meeting place for women’s groups, local stakeholders and foreigners alike.


The Borana Mobile Clinic is a remarkable initiative aimed at providing essential healthcare services to remote communities surrounding Borana Conservancy. The clinic, run out of a Land Rover, travels to ten locations on a two week rotation, reaching remote areas where people lack access to proper healthcare. Staffed by two nurses and a driver, the mobile clinic offers a range of services, including basic medical consultations, children’s inoculations, pre and postnatal counseling, family planning and health education.

For our interested guests we can arrange meetings with our nurses and visits to the clinic when it is at one of it’s stops.

Family Activites

At Borana we understand what children enjoy and are happy to ensure that their holiday experiences match that of their parents. From swimming in the pool or a waterfall, exploring the river to riding on one of our patient horses or watching wildlife from the safety of our Land Rovers, Borana has much to offer children of all ages.

Our chefs are happy to cater to our younger guests and we have a children’s menu which can be tailored around your stay.

We have child minding services at Borana Lodge, carried out by team members who have had infant and child first aid training.

Pride rock

What better way to celebrate a trip to Kenya than with a visit to the original Pride Rock which inspired the Disney Classic ‘The Lion King’. Only a short distance from Borana Lodge, this iconic rock is accessible on foot, on a mountain or eBike or in a vehicle. It is the perfect place for our younger guests to enjoy their breakfast at sunrise or their dinner at sunset, while parents sip G&Ts overlooking the vast landscape of the Lewa-Borana Landscape.

Pride Rock


A visit to the Ngare Ndare Forest is a wonderful experience for families. Explore this ancient indigenous forest by walking through the treetops on a canopy walk suspended 40ft in the air. Swim in the glacial melt waters of Mt Kenya and jump off waterfalls of varying heights. This is a full day’s experience accompanied by a picnic lunch.

the Ngare ndare forest


At Borana we think it is important for children to understand where their food comes from and appreciate fresh, tasty fruit and vegetables. What better way than to explore an organic permaculture farm?

Waitabit Farm tours give children the opportunity to learn about organic farming. They will be shown how vegetables are grown, see the chickens which lay the eggs which they have at breakfast and explore the farm at their own pace. This is a wonderful activity to fill time inn the heat of the day when the wildlife is resting and can be combined with a picnic and swim in the Ngare Ndare River.

Farm Tours


For our adventurous young guests, mountain biking is a must. There are short, safe routes across open plains on Borana Conservancy which are perfect for children aged 9yrs and above. Mountain bikes give young guests the opportunity to travel at their own pace surrounded by nature.

We have a range of adult bikes available which are suitabke for teenagers and one bike suitable for children aged 9yrs or more.

All guests must wear the helmets provided.

mountain biking and eBiking


Borana has a stable of horses which can cater to riders with any level of experience. Exploring the conservancy on horseback is one of the best ways to view wildlife. Walk through valleys surrounded by giraffe or across plains alongside herds of zebra. Our younger guests can go for short pony rides led by one of our experienced grooms or riding guides.

All guests of 21 years or younger must wear riding helmets.

Riding wild


Kenyan people have a deep-rooted love and appreciation for children. Our guides are warm and friendly to our young guests and embrace the opportunity to share their rich heritage and traditions. Children can embark on a walk around the Borana Lodge grounds with their guide to learn about the birds, reptiles and plants. They will be taught about tracks and signs of the local wildlife as well as collect natural treasures such as rocks and feathers to show their parents what they have learnt.

Cooking Lessons

Our team of experienced chefs love sharing their passion for cooking with our younger guests. Children can embark on a hands-on culinary journey in the Borana Lodge kitchen. From rolling out dough for homemade pizzas to crafting delectable safari-themed snacks, each cooking session is a great way for children to engage with what they eat. This cooking experience not only lets children interact with our chefs but also fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment as they share their creations with newfound friends and family.

Fly Camping

Borana Lodge offers a night under canvas for guests staying three or more nights. Our fly camp is accessible via a game drive, on foot, on horseback (regardless of riding ability) or on a mountain bike, making this a truly unique experience for couples and families. The fly camp is extremely comfortable with full linens, pillows, duvets, bed frames and a mess tent including a fully stocked bar, lounge area and full team looking after you.

The activity which you choose, and the location of the wildlife, will dictate where the camp is set up, no two nights are the same.

The fly camp sleeps a maximum of twelve and a minimum of two guests on an exclusive basis. Set up fee is $600 USD per night, on top of standard Borana Lodge rates, as you will keep you Borana Lodge room while spending a night under canvas.

Further Afield

As Borana is a private conservation area, guests are given the opportunity to experience the “behind the scenes of conservation” first-hand through the activities listed below.


A visit to the RETETI Elephant Sanctuary, in Namunyak Conservancy to the North of Borana, is a fantastic morning activity. It is a short scenic flight from Borana and we are happy to organise a scenic fixed-wing or helicopter flight. You will be flown to Reteti with a picnic breakfast and return in time for lunch.

RETETI is the only sanctuary in Northern Kenya to accept orphaned elephants, with the ultimate goal being integration into wild herds, or even better reunited with their mothers.

Visits are scheduled around 9:00am so as to see feeding time for the elephants, with a departure from the Borana Air Strip at 7:30am.

This is at an additional cost, price on request.


Helicopter safaris can be arranged with departure from the lodge helipad. There are various routes throughout Northern Kenya which provide a thrilling way to explore the vastness of the north. From fly fishing on the high altitude lakes of Mt Kenya to flying over the flamingo filled shores of Lake Bogoria in the Great Rift Valley, there is nothing more exciting than a helicopter expedition.

The Borana team can organise half or full day helicopter excursions at the time of booking, price on request


Borana Lodge has an in-house massage service to help you relax and unwind after the day’s adventures. There are a variety of treatments designed specifically to soothe, refresh and revitalise you after a day in the bush. These use organic and natural products which are locally sourced and developed by Cinnebar Green, a natural cosmetics company based close to Borana Conservancy.

After several years of growing organically certified medicinal herbs and producing essential oils for export, Cinnabar Green saw the need for a range of locally produced, environmentally responsible body products.

We use Cinnabar green products across Borana Lodge which have wonderful scents and are kind to the planet.