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The Long Run & GER

Borana Lodge is proud to be a member of The Long Run, a global network of sustainable tourism businesses committed to conserving nature, supporting local communities, and promoting responsible travel. The Long Run’s framework is based around the 4Cs - Community, Culture, Conservation and Commerce, which guide us in all that we do. As part of Borana Lodge's journey towards Global Ecosphere Retreat ® (GER) certification in 2019, we have implemented various initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize our positive impact on the environment. Our GER ® journey is ongoing and we strive to inspire our guests and our team to be more conscious in their day-to-day decisions while taking part in a unique and memorable safari experience.

To monitor and reduce our carbon footprint, we have collaborated with Weeva, a carbon tracking platform. By measuring energy consumption, waste management, water usage and more, we can identify areas for improvement and implement sustainable practices and targets.

Upon arrival, each guest receives an Impact Statement, which highlights the impact each guest is having by staying at Borana Lodge. This informative document showcases the various initiatives across Borana Conservancy and Beyond. We encourage our guests to actively participate in these initiatives and aim for transparency throughout.

By choosing to stay at Borana Lodge, you are directly supporting Borana’s conservation efforts and contributing to the well-being of our surrounding communities. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on responsible tourism, Borana Lodge and The Long Run are working hand in hand to create a positive and lasting impact on Community, Culture, Conservation and Commerce.

How your Stay Impacts Nature & People

* All retained earnings generated by tourism at Borana Lodge are re-invested into Borana Conservancy. Our sustainable approach devotes tourism and other enterprises to building local livelihoods, habitat preservation and enhancing ecosystem integrity


We strive to support local businesses and have a strict supplier policy focusing on local, sustainable and ecofriendlyproducts, reducing your safari’s footprint.

Our Investment in 4C Projects Explained


Training and employment of
125 wildlife rangers to protect
over 260 rhinos and other
endangered species.


Initiatives to improve access to
education, including wildlife
education days for local school
children and community


Mobile clinic which has travelled
1,574km and treated 729 patients
in September alone.


Salaries, admin, land lease, rent
and overheads.

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By staying with us you help to

Conserve 92,000 acres, a landscape home to 260 rhino,
three different prides of lion, 14% of Kenya’s Grevy’s Zebra
and more.

Run an education programme which employs 11
teachers, funds 59 bursaries and supports the infrastructure
development of 10 primary and secondary schools. The
programme also supports the Mazingira Yetu Centre, a hub
for conservation and ecological education.

Support a livestock-to-market programme which has encouraged good rangeland management and livestock
husbandry practices for the last five years, benefiting over
4,000 local people.

Invest $674,218.52 USD this year (at the current exchange rate) into the core operational costs of Borana Conservancy
with at least 24% of your total stay acting as a contribution
to conservation.

Borana Lodge is a proud member of The Long Run, a global network of tourism businesses committed to conserving ecosystems and improving the well being of people through a holistic balance of the 4Cs; Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce.

The Long Run is a non-profit organization working in 100+ countries to support better land management and business practices that benefit people, nature, and the climate.

Method vetted by The Long Run for YTD December 2023. For more details about the framework used to make these calculations please visit